7 Ways to Start Your Week Right

how to start your week right

Let's be honest, somedays are harder than others. Some weeks are great and you feel like you're on top of things, and others are just plain rough. Since it's a Monday, we thought we'd give you 7 ways to start your day off right (and hopefully continuing these ideas throughout the week will help you have an enjoyable week!) Here we go...

1. Make your bed.  I'm not sure what it is about this small task that actually improves my mood...but it works! Every time I walk into my bedroom throughout the day, I smile knowing the bed is freshly made. It looks nice and clean. Not sure about you, but if my house is a mess, you can bet I will have trouble working from home!

white bedroom design

Andrea Pesce Photography

2. Start the day off with a healthy breakfast. I have toast with peanut butter and some fruit each morning. This, surprisingly, ties me over for quite a few hours so I'm not hungry on errands, client appointments, etc. Around noon I'll make a green smoothie for a quick pick me up, before I have lunch about an hour later. This helps get me my greens, keeping me healthy, which also totally helps you have a good day!

3. Take breaks. Whether you're working in an office or from home, breaks are so important. Typically, after a break, my brain can think a little clearer and help me come back to the project I was working on with more creativity.

4. Speaking of, do something to spark your creativity! Sketch, paint, practice calligraphy, cook a new recipe. Anything like this will help you have a little fun and get your mind doing something different; something you love. This is why we created La Petite Bloom! We hope you can join us in September or December. 

calligraphy class

Ashley Slater Photography

5. Get yourself some fresh flowers. This is a total given, I know! I've been picking up a a few Dahlias at the farmer's market each week. They are doing wonders for my dining table and my soul ;)

fresh flowers

6. Get yourself organized. Bring out that planner you bought in January, if you have forgotten about it, and use it to your advantage. There's nothing like making lists, planning out your week (and adding in some "you" time) to make you feel like you have a handle on things. Anyone just love to check things off your list?! Guilty!

7. Do something for someone else. Plain and simple!

Can you think of anything else?! Would love to hear!

Here's to the start of a great week!