6 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Workshop

how to choose a workshop for you

We're living in a time of a sea of workshops! How does one even go about narrowing it down to find a workshop that best suits them?! The two of us (Ashley and Michaela) have spent countess hours putting together an event that benefits bloggers, small business owners, photographers and designers alike, but even in our effort to make the workshop truly unique, other workshops have come out with similar looks, teaching sessions, etc. Today we're sharing a few thoughts on how to choose and get the most out of a workshop. Of course we hope to meet you at Bloom, but hopefully these tips will help you navigate whichever workshop you are considering!

bloom workshop

1. Make sure you’re attending a conference that doesn’t end when the workshop day does. Find one that builds lasting community and continues education. We have smaller workshops that are meant to hone other creative skills, as well as a Facebook group where past attendees can stay in touch and share tips, successes and questions. We’re also currently working to implement weekly newsletters with important business and blogging tips and tricks for our past attendees. Sign up here!

2. There are so many workshops out there, so be sure you choose one that will truly benefit your business. We caution against attending a workshop that is merely for networking and inspiration. Those are both amazing aspects to in-person workshops, but when you’re paying money for a workshop, you want one that’s heavy on teaching—this way, you can go home with new tools and skills to actually improve your business, blog or craft! Asking past members or even emailing the founders or hosts of the workshops you’re interested in is a great way to connect and find out a little more about the bulk of the workshop. We love receiving emails from potential guests who want to find out more about Bloom, and we understand the seriousness behind choosing one that fits you, as workshops are an investment for your business! We're pleased to say we keep Bloom as affordable as possible for our attendees and pack it with a ton of goodness, so our guest's are happy gals :) You can read what some of of our past attendees have said about Bloom here

3. Go in with an open mind, willing to learn new things and to see business, blogging, photography or design from a different perspective. Soak up absolutely everything you can!

bloom workshop panel

4. Be bold and ask questions. We absolutely love our Q&A panel at the end of each workshop—and so do our attendees! It’s proven to be one of the most beneficial parts of our day. We bring in at least four people who are very talented and seasoned in their industry—interior designers, photographers, event planners, graphic designers, blogging gurus, etc. Guests can write down their questions throughout the workshop, and we answer all of them at the end. We know how important it is to have rockstars from these creative spheres answering guests’ burning questions! There’s so much to learn. (Even Ashley and I are constantly learning in this ever-changing industry!)

5. We encourage people to make business goals every few months! If you’re looking at potential workshops to attend, choose one that will help you meet at least one of those goals. If you’ve already chosen a workshop, consciously take in all the information presented and continually ask yourself how you might apply it to achieving your goals.

bloom workshop networking

6. Stay in touch with the friends you make at the workshop. There's nothing like a community of supporters behind you in these creative industries. Find a few friends in your niche or in another creative field (for example, I am close friends with Lauren of Elle & Company and that has been so sweet both in the friendship aspect, and cheering each other along in our separate design fields.)

If you've been to a workshop, please do share your best tips for a successful workshop experience in the comments!