December Instagram Challenge

Hi friends! We're so excited to launch our December Instagram Challenge! Watch the video above to learn all about it. Below is our list of prompts for the month and we're encouraging you to be creative with them, challenge yourself stylistically, and with each prompt, ask yourself how posting the picture will help you do the following things:

1. Aid you in reaching your ideal client or customer
2. Support your brand
3. Give your followers a deeper look into who you are, so they can begin making personal connections

december instagram challenge


Every time you post, be sure to use the hashtag #bloomIGchallenge so that we can all see your posts and cheer each other on! We will be reposting our favorite pictures on Bloom's Instagram account, so we can't wait to see you there.

As the video mentions, we'll be popping into your inbox each week with a new practical tip on using social media to grow your business, and we might even give some commentary on the prompts. Since we believe blogging is a key part to your creative business, as an added challenge we're encouraging you to blog the prompts on the first three Monday's of the challenge. For your reference, we've listed the Monday topics below, so you can even get a jump start writing your blog posts:

December 5th: Your Favorite Things -- this can be your favorite business tools, products in your shop, lens to photograph portraits with, places to source furniture, etc. Showcasing our expertise to our potential clients and customers is a great way to gain their trust. You can also go a different direction and decide to share your favorite holiday traditions, favorite places to travel, favorite outfit combos for a family photo session, favorite ways to cozy up your home for the holidays, or other creative ideas to get your readers connecting with you personally.

December 12th: Year in Review --  share your 2016 goals, which ones you've accomplished, what you learned, what worked for you personally and professionally and what didn't. Sharing goals, successes and challenges are great ways to inspire others, while also making them feel like they're not alone. If you need some more inspiration, here are some questions to answer and turn into your blog post:

What is the biggest lesson you learned in business this year?
What was your favorite project of 2016?

What was the most challenging project of 2016?
What were your top 10 photographs you took over the course of the year and why?

December 19th: 2017 Goals -- let's look ahead! Setting goals for the coming year is motivating not only to you, but also to your readers. People who set goals also have a higher chance of accomplishing them, simply because they put them out there. So talk about your personal and business goals in this blog post. Dream big!

We hope you'll join us! Follow us on instagram @bloomtheworkshop!

Ashley & Michaela