March Business Advice

Every month we like to share some important pieces of helpful business and blogging advice for you to propel yourself forward in your own creative business. This month, we're hearing from three more of our favorite people!

- "My absolute BEST piece of advice is to always, always, always deliver what you have promised. What really makes the difference between a short-lived business and one that grows is your ability to manage your own time, communicate clearly with your clients and deliver a product that matches what people are expecting (and even better if it exceeds expectations)! It can get so tempting to over-promise - especially when you have cool ideas, but don't exactly know how to accomplish them. In our creative world, a competitive nature can drive you to offer something you've seen but never done; tried but never perfected, etc. These are awesome experiments to try on your own time - not your client's. Explore new things on your own, understand how long it takes and how much it costs, and then offer it to the world when you are confident that you can deliver!" -- Ashley Buzzy of Ashley Buzzy Lettering and Press

 - "There is only one you. Remember this when others imitate or try to do what you do.Focus on what makes you unique and that will set you apart from the others because they can never be you. Embrace being you!" Cristin Priest of Simplified Bee

- "When I first began blogging, I would prep my post in the evening, write my copy on the subway en route to work, and publish it when I arrived, before beginning my day. Not only was it terribly unproductive, but it was also very stressful as well. I now have a google document that has my editorial calendar laid out (up to 3 months in advance), as well as an organized tab where I can list future blog posts and ideas as they come. I don’t always stick to my editorial calendar, and it often evolves as I go, but it really does help me stay on track. And knowing I have a ton of content laid out on 'paper' eliminates unnecessary stress, allows me to keep an eye on the upcoming posts so I can plan accordingly, all while giving me a tool to keep all of my ideas in one place." -- Jacquelyn Clark of Lark & Linen

- "The main two things that have helped me in my business are social media (hey, it’s free advertising!) and hustling my butt off until I felt like I was at a place where I could turn down work and be ok with it. I don’t pay for much advertising; instead I leverage social media like Instagram, Facebook, and getting featured on prominent blogs. Keeping your social media accounts consistent with your brand is key. I make sure that what I post on Instagram makes sense with the clients I want to get, and highlights my best work as a natural light, fine art wedding photographer. I use my Instagram account for posting personal images and work images because letting clients relate to me is key in the type of business I run. 
Being more then just another vendor, putting a face to your business, and showing your personality will help attract the right clients. 

On top of that, I hustled my butt off for years until I was at the point where I felt confident and comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, I still hustle, but the hustle has changed now that I’m wrapping up my 6th wedding season. For the first few years I attended every wedding industry event in my area, reached out others in the industry to meet up, put work ahead of a lot of other things in my life (luckily my now husband has been supportive of me all these years), and made sure my name was really getting out there. So if you feel like maybe your business isn’t at the level you want it to be, or you aren’t getting your ideal clients, try leveraging social media correctly and hustle, hustle, hustle!" -- Danielle of Danielle Poff Photography

Wow! That's inspiring. Our main take-aways? Be yourself, because that's what sets you a part from other people doing the same thing as you. Follow through on your promises to ensure happy clients. Keep organized and eliminate stress by keeping an editorial calendar. And finally, utilize social media to your advantage! (Pssst! If you don't know how to do this, we teach you at our two-day workshops!)

We'd love to hear what your business or blogging advice is to the rest of our community. What's been working for you (or what hasn't been working)?! Share in the comments below!