The Basic Shot List Guide

I remember coming home from my first ever "styled shoot". I was so excited to browse through my images-- images that I just knew were worthy of a feature on one of my favorite wedding blogs. As I waited for my digitals to load onto my desktop I started penning the text for the submission in my head. I felt so confident that everything was exactly as I had imagined it would be.

As you can probably imagine, when I opened that folder of photos and started browsing, I realized that while I had captured a lot of what I had set out to capture, there were also several important photos I didn't snap. Had I really not photographed any detail shots of the invitation suite? And how did I miss getting some varying shots of the bouquet? As I started to re-think through the shoot, I realized with so many vendors, models and assistants, I was overloaded and rushed. While I thought I took certain shots, I really hadn't, as I was caught up in the fast pace of the day. I went on to submit my photos, but heard back that my submission lacked sufficient details. Talk about frustrating! 

Similarly, in my first few real weddings I came home to the same result waiting in my image folder. Real weddings wait for no man, the timeline presses forward and if you don't have a clear plan and idea of what you need to accomplish, it can quickly turn to chaos. That is when I decided I needed to jot down a few basic shots so that even if the timeline got out of hand, or even if a styled shoot became overwhelmingly fast-paced, I would walk away with the images I needed.

Of course in time, I have memorized all the things I need to capture during a shoot or real wedding. Sometimes as a fail-safe I carry my list in my back pocket, just in case I get flustered or am shooting something important for a client and want to make absolutely certain I have photographed everything. Since moving to film photography, where I can't review my images in camera, I feel that I default to this list more often again! 

In the basic shot list guide, you will get a list of photos you can't miss for a tablescape, details (think invitation suites, jewelry and more) as well as must-have bride and groom poses. With this guide, you can feel confident that if you aren't allowed the time to be super creative, you will at the very least, walk away with various images that you may need for an album layout, submission to a wedding magazine or blog and plenty of variety to keep your clients happy!