Feature: Copper Inspiration Shoot

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Beautiful weddings, interiors, inspiration shoots always leave us swooning. We love supporting artists by featuring their work here on our blog, and asking them questions that our readers will benefit from. Today our feature is from Morgan Miller of Spreading Lovely. We met her at our Bloom Workshop in California last April. She is sweet as pie, beautiful, talented with event planning and styling, and we're so excited for her and her business! This was Morgan's very first inspiration shoot with her friend (and Bloom Alumni, too!) Olivia Richards Photography. We can't wait to see more from these talented artists.

1. What was the inspiration behind the shoot? How do you begin piecing together your theme/style?

The inspiration for the shoot was focused around the new popular metallic, copper! We wanted to show brides that you can use a metallic as a main color for your wedding decor, and not just as an accent. It was my goal to use copper in as many elements as we could. Copper was just starting to get popular and I knew I wanted to show it used in a new way.  

copper invitation suite

2. What were your goals behind the shoot? What did you want to come out of putting this styled photo shoot together? (Get featured, add to portfolio, work with certain vendors)

Olivia Richards and I were so fortunate to meet at Bloom in California last April, and both wanted to get our names out in the wedding world a bit more, so our goal was to have the shoot published, while also adding the work to expand our portfolios. Neither of us had done a styled shoot before and were excited to go through the process together as newbies. We were fortunate to have the shoot featured on Ruffled

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3. As the event designer and planner, what roles did you play in getting this set up? Did you email all the vendors  and artists to invite them to be a part of the shoot? How did you pitch your idea to them?

First, Olivia and I met to discuss our ideas and decided we'd focus the shoot around utilizing copper and navy, accented with yellows and lots of greenery. We wanted the shoot to feel really organic and work with the woodsy-ness of the venue and the coppery color of the fallen oak leaves. As the designer and planner, it was my job to figure out which vendors to try to get on board to join our collaboration. I started by creating a mood board that I could use to send to each vendor so they would have a better idea for the feel and aesthetic. I explained the concept of the shoot to them, provided them with the mood board, and provided links to the other vendor's websites so they could see who they would be collaborating with. Since we were planning the shoot for June, it was a popular time for weddings so I did receive a few "no's" along the way, but was so excited with the vendors that said yes!

copper inspiration shoot

4. Typically vendors partner for inspiration shoots to showcase their work; with that in mind, how much freedom do you give vendors creatively?

When I reached out to each vendor I provided them with my ideas in regards to their specialty (floral aesthetic and some inspiration images, cake decor ideas, calligraphy style and our various needs), so they could make sure their style matched up with the vision I had for the whole look. I always want to make sure to provide solid guidelines, to ensure the shoot would be cohesive, but let each artist bring their own creativity or special details to put their "mark" is on what they created. It's always worth it to do your due diligence first, making sure you're emailing artists whose work on their website is reflective of what you want, so you aren't setting yourself up for failure, or with a vendor who's style isn't right.  

wedding cake
copper wedding cake

5. What is the most challenging part of envisioning, creating and executing an inspiration shoot?

It's really difficult not to compare your work to others and to feel like you're not bringing enough uniqueness to stand out. Once we knew we wanted to showcase copper, I checked out wedding blogs to see what they currently had in terms of weddings or shoots with copper, and it looked like most of the content many had only had glimpses of copper accented throughout, so I knew we needed to bring the copper hard to stand out. Also, most of them utilizing copper were desert shoots or features with a lot of soft colors, so we went with navy and decided on a woodsy setting to ensure our shoot was something different to offer blogs and their readers.  I used what currently existed on blogs to navigate away from those items and create something that hadn't been done before. 

navy wedding table
copper wedding

6. How do you feel like attending the Bloom Workshop will help you in future work and inspiration shoots?

Bloom helped immensely. I didn't know what to expect in a styled shoot, and having a behind-the-scenes look into the process at the workshop helped me prepare and prep to know the various elements I needed to have in place. I learned styling tips for various elements like invitations and learned about having a shot list prepared for the photographer. We also learned how to go about emailing and properly reaching out to other vendors to collaborate with. Not to mention, Olivia and I wouldn't have met if it weren't for Bloom!

The connections are immensely helpful, I have done another shoot with a rental vendor that was there (Pieces by Violet), a photographer that spoke at the workshop (Danielle Poff Photography) and I have another shoot planned with the Bloom photographer (Krista Marie Photography)! Clearly, this workshop is invaluable just from the connections alone. I cannot recommend Bloom enough, whether you are just starting and want to learn more about the in's and out's of owning a business, or even if you are established -- the refinement tips you'll learn will be so valuable, along with so many connections you'll make - you never know where they will bring you. Plus, it is such a safe environment to ask all of those questions you would maybe normally feel uncomfortable or dumb for asking. Michaela and Ashley are both SO approachable and instantly make you feel comfortable asking them for advice and learning from their successes. 

bloom workshop

7. Were there any hiccups to the shoot? We know that a Plan B is always a must when in the planning and production stages of something like this.

Fortunately, I had Plan B in place as we ran into major issues with traffic and our florist getting caught behind a huge semi truck accident. We could only have the venue space for a set amount of time, and unfortunately had to clear out of the space before our florist was able to arrive hours later, and we were losing light quickly. Luckily, I had brought extra greenery with me to supplement, and as it turned out, that was the only sort of greenery or floral that we were able to use for the table, ceremony area, and majority of the portraits. When Jaclyn arrived (after being an amazingly good sport for the crazy, insane traffic she was stuck in), Olivia wanted to take as many shots as she could before the light was completely gone, without having the tablescape or ceremony areas since those had to already be broken down. Luckily we managed to get some beautiful shots of our bride with her florals. 

Also, the plan of hammering in the pvc pipe into the ground and then sticking the copper poles in for the ceremony arch didn't work in the ground at the venue as well as it had worked when I practiced at home! Fortunately, I had brought the extra greenery to place at the base of each post to hide the pvc pipe just for this reason!  

bloom workshop
geometric terrarium
yellow and white flowers

8. Did you do any DIY projects for the inspiration shoot?

I created the ceremony arch for the shoot out of copper pipes from Home Depot.  It was a lot of fun to get crafty and also learn how to cut pipes and the best way to structure the arch, so that it would stay up.  

Photography: Olivia Richards / Venue: The Ranch at Little Hills / Florist: Jaclyn K. Nesbitt Designs/ Calligraphy: Myrtle & Lloyd / Dessert:  Indie Cakes & Pastries / Makeup: Emma Peterson / Hair: Alexis Thacker / Dress: Sarah Seven / Suit: H&M /  Rentals: Williams Party Rentals / Planning, Design, Ceremony Arch: Spreading Lovely