These 5 Things

We're starting our first series on our blog! It's called These 5 Things. Each time we do the series, we'll be sharing things that inspire us, items we love, and even some links from around the web. We might even have guest posts in the this series sometimes, so you can hear from others in our industry! Here is our June edition of These 5 Things.


inspired by peonies

Peonies: everyone's favorite flower, and we are no exception! The rich hues and fluffy petals are heavenly.

 - summer dresses: they're sweet, flowy and easy to wear!

floral mouse pad: who else thinks they could get much more work done if they had a pretty mouse pad on their desk?! ;)

 - bkr water bottle: for all our summer runs or work outs at the gym, we love this water bottle. It helps keep the water cool and it's easy to carry!

 - oille hair shine: for smoother, more healthy hair, we love this oil serum. It's smells divine, too!

Happy Friday! We hope you enjoy your weekend. What are you loving this week?