Bloom Resource Room: Wedding Day Shot List & Guide

Hey guys, Ashley here! For those that don't me, I am half of The Bloom Workshop and primarily a wedding and portrait photographer. As part of Bloom, educating is one of my passions and today I am talking about wedding day photography! The thought of photographing a wedding and being solely responsible for a bride and groom's most important day can be overwhelming. While I recommend spending lots (and lots) of time second shooting and working with seasoned professionals, at some point you'll be ready to shoot a wedding day on your own. We created THIS guide for you to print and use so you don't miss one shot. This shot list will ensure you creating a beautiful blog post, album and even submiting your event to publications with the photos you capture. Keep reading for some of my extra tips on each part of the day!

The Details

I like to start my wedding day coverage with a solid hour of time for the details. For me, these photos will set the tone for the entire day and often is the only quiet time I have to be thoughtful and creative with the bits and pieces that tell the story of the wedding. I also admit, I sort of love styling and the creative control I have during this time. Please note to try and take both horizontal and vertical shots so you have diversity for posting on your blog, creating an album, etc.

Your guide will include a list of all the detail shots you shouldn't miss! 

Getting Ready

Depending on your timeline you might be at a salon or hotel where the bridal party is getting ready. If your timeline doesn’t allot for that have your bride do a few “re-enactment” shots touching up her makeup, someone zipping her dress up, etc. so you still have a good set of images for the gallery and album.

Your guide will include a list of all the getting ready shots you shouldn't miss! 


If your bride and groom opt for a first look then this is a fantastic opportunity to get all the bridal party photos out of the way. If not, simply insert the bridal party photo list wherever it falls in your timeline. On my personal blog I wrote a detailed explanation of why I recommend a first look and how it goes down on a wedding day! 

Your guide will include a list of all the first look and bridal party photos you shouldn't miss! 


Family portraits can be tough. I always request that the bride and groom email me a specific list of family photos with names and relationships so I can keep family members straight. This is especially helpful with bride and grooms with multiple sets of step-parents, siblings, etc. Another great tip is to talk through any divorces, remarriages and otherwise potential hairy situations. Long ago I asked a mother and father to stand with their son (the groom) and when they barely moved I joked "Hey, act like you LIKE each other!" to which the bride whispered to me "they just signed their divorce papers a few weeks ago".... Talk about a foot in the mouth situation. Avoid these types of awkward encounters by making sure you have a clear picture of family dynamics! 

Your guide will include a list of all the family combinations you shouldn't miss! 


If your bride and groom are having a traditional church wedding it is a good rule of thumb to find the officiant or church coordinator and ensure they don’t have any rules for their facility. A common one is that churches do not allow flash during the ceremony. Regardless, you and your second shooter will want to strategically place yourselves in the ceremony space to capture all the photos you need as stealth like as possible. It is always my personal goal to go unnoticed on wedding day, but especially during this portion of the day!

Your guide will include a list of all the ceremony shots you shouldn't miss! 


You’ve made it to the reception! Eye on the prize, you can do this. Reception is the time to capture the energy, the celebration and often the silliness.

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