Spring Cleaning for Creatives Starts TODAY!

While winter seems to be lingering in certain parts of the country, we definitely have spring on the brain. We’re ready to ditch our snowshoes for summer dresses and leave the windows open. While new life is breathing into our homes and gardens we want to talk about breathing some new life into our businesses. At this point we are officially through one quarter of the year, but this is still a great time to make tweaks and changes to ensure success in the three forthcoming quarters.

I don’t know about you but in my home, spring cleaning goes something like this: Deep clean,  declutter, evaluate and purge. I start by removing the excess, things that have piled up over the winter months that need a new home for warmer days. I evaluate what we have that we don’t need and what we don’t have that we do need. And finally, for items that no longer serve a purpose, we purge. These same practices can successfully be implemented in your business and over the next three weeks we are going to talk about how to practically and effectively implement these techniques to set ourselves up for success in 2017!

Today we are launching week one of Spring Cleaning for Creatives! You can download the workbook HERE and follow along with us on instagram. Be sure to use the hashtag #bloomspringcleaning as we will be reposting some of your photos and want to hear how the process is working for you!