How Creatives are Spring Cleaning

Happy Friday! We thought it'd be fun to pop in and share how some industry creatives are spring cleaning their lives, businesses and workspaces with you to get some inspiration flowing. Don't forget to pick up your free workbook that walks you through our Spring Cleaning for Creatives series.

engaged and inspired
engaged and inspired office space

"My favorite method for spring cleaning is the Konmari method from the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. Using the checklists from the book, I clean my space out every few months, donating all unwanted items to Goodwill. In between purges, I ensure that items I am buying are only things I love and have a purpose for to ensure  that I’m not taking up space or spending money on things that will quickly be unnecessary." -- Allison, Engaged & Inspired

“In addition to throwing out old pots of custom inks and random worn out nibs, I am also revisiting my design process for spring cleaning. I cut one step out, expanded another, and rearranged some things. I think about it the same way I think about the decor on my shelves. Do I really need that weird candle, or would I rather have some fresh flowers? Should I add mood boards to proposals to give visual references, and how many rounds of revisions do my clients really need? This makes me workspace and work life less cluttered, and more enjoyable.” -- Ciarra, Silver Fox Calligraphy

just bakecause
just bakecause kitchen

"Kitchen wise, I definitely love taking a look at my pantry to see what has expired or is no longer fresh or good to use! I like to take everything out of my fridge as well and wipe down all the shelves and cabinets, and I love buying new containers for my ingredients and labeling them with their name and the date.

In general, I feel like we should purge almost every aspect of our lives (closet, who we follow on social media, etc.) in order to make room for brand new experiences, adventures, and to get inspired by the "white space" we have created! I feel that as we do this, we mentally clear up space in our minds as well and that's when some of our best ideas come out." -- Amanda, Just Bakecause

neutral living room

"I often find myself working remotely, having two small boys at home so making sure my living space is fresh and inspiring is as important as updating my paperwork, backend and office space upstairs. This space (my living room) is where I find myself the majority of the time, so having it bright and with a lot of natural light is perfect.

Besides cleaning and refreshing these spaces I also make sure I gear up for the upcoming wedding season by pre-assembling wedding clients final packages. I order all the linen boxes, ribbon and gifts I want to send and even go as far as to address the packages so once the wedding galleries have been delivered, I can order and pop in a few gift prints, USB and into the mail they go. Time is of the essence for a working mom like me so doing anything I can to expedite my process in the busy season is ideal and essential!" -- Ashley, Ashley Slater Photography & The Bloom Workshop

Ashley Slater Photography

Ashley Slater Photography

michaela noelle designs work space

"You know Monica from FRIENDS? I'm like her ;) I love to be ultra-organized, have systems and places for everything. Spring cleaning sends my OCD into over drive, as I love cleaning everything in sight. From physically cleaning our home, which is also my office, to cleaning out my closet (I ditch anything I didn't wear in the last season), to organizing the back end of my business, it feels so good to get things in order.

Aside from returning tile and fabric samples, I do a few other things on my lap top to clear the clutter as well. Since I do most of my work from my computer as an interior designer and co-founder of Bloom, I find that my desktop gets really cluttered with client projects, images from blog posts, shop items we've made for Bloom, and client order forms. I use Spring Cleaning as a time to put everything in my desktop into necessary folders. I have a folder for each CURRENT client on my desktop. In that folder are their invoices, any inspiration boards I've made for them, CAD drawings, images to send them, or purchase orders. If I'm feeling really into cleaning, I'll even go into each folder and get rid of anything in there that I don't need anymore. My past clients go into another folder called "past clients". Anything Bloom related also has its own folder. This makes finding things super easy!" -- Michaela, Michaela Noelle Designs & The Bloom Workshop 

So what about YOU?! How are you decluttering this week?