Bloom Book Club: The Magnolia Story

This month's book pick is The Magnolia Story by Chip & Joanna Gaines. We are pretty sure we don't have to tell you who this couple is, but in case you've missed it they are the dynamic duo behind the series Fixer Upper. We love their style, hearts and story!

We love their story so much because it really goes to show that hard, HARD work is what it takes. At Bloom, as much as we love giving attendees inspiration, we are more concerned with sharing practical tools and the hard truth that running your own successful anything takes a lot of determination, long nights and the ability to maneuver through sometimes difficult situations. If you're feeling uncertain of yourself or a vision for a company or project you have we highly recommend this book. It is also full of funny stories (spoiler alert: Chip leaves their newborn baby alone in their house!) and feel good moments! 

Have you read the Magnolia Story? Or do you have a book recommendation for us? Leave us a comment below! Happy Reading!