Spring Cleaning for Creatives | Week Two

Hello and welcome to week two of spring cleaning for creatives! We hope you found a lot of purpose and promise in the clearing of your workspace and mind last week. I, (Ashley) got a little crazy and donated over 9 bags to goodwill as my spring cleaning left the office space and carried into my personal closet. It feels so good to be lighter, mentally and physically and have so much room for more of the good stuff, and for the new. 

I never realized how keeping a lot of stuff sitting around came with a heaviness-- like even when I left my office space I was carrying it all around with me. As much as I wanted to believe I might use things in the future I have found clearing out leaves room for new life, new inspiration and better workflow. We hope you are feeling as energized as we are. In case you missed week one you can grab that from the shop and catch up with us. 

As we enter week two we are turning our attention to updating.  As you'll see in the week two workbook, we are updating documents as well as our presence on social media and personal websites. We can't wait to see what you accomplish this week! Please use the hashtag #bloomspringcleaning so we can follow your progress! We will be reposting a few of your photos and thoughts!