Creative Spotlight: Sara Russell of Wedding Sparrow

When we talk about our favorite wedding blogs, Wedding Sparrow is always at the top of the list. It is one of the first places we head for to get inspiration and are always impressed with the quality and creativeness featured in each session or wedding that is shared. We also think Sara is pretty amazing in how she handles vendor relationships, being a new mom and pursuing her passion so we are so excited to chat with her today! Read all about her below!

When did you start your business? I started Wedding Sparrow in 2013 after I went on honeymoon and started to really focus my previous online journalling into a business idea. 

Where does your passion stem from? When I was engaged, I found myself looking at incredible images on Pinterest and Instagram and being inspired by the softness and natural light but didn’t even know that people even shot film photography anymore! I fell in love instantly with the timelessness of the images and the styling of what would turn out to be coined as ‘fine art’ and thought that if I was looking for this style, then others would be too. My curation was called Wedding Sparrow and it was the first all film blog. 

One piece of advice : I would advise myself to trust your gut. And to not look at what everyone else is doing. I’m good at this now but wasn’t always so confident in my brand. I would have anxiety every time someone would set up a competitive blog featuring film and fine art photography but as of yet, we still remain the biggest in the world! 

How do you stay inspired outside of the industry?  Interior design is definitely what I find myself drawn to. Natural fibres and timeless design is my thing. If I could remodel my house a thousand times a year, I would…

Fave thing and most challenging  about running Wedding Sparrow? My favourite thing about running WS is the people I meet and become social media friends with. This industry has shown me that many people can put community over competition and I love that. I’ve met so many wonderful people that are now friends over the years at workshops and events around the world. The most challenging thing about running WS at the moment is my time management. I have a sudden lack of hours in the day since my little one arrived last year and I struggle like most to make the daily life/work balance. I’m lucky that I have the flexibility of working anywhere at anytime however so I’m trying to power on through! 

Advice for vendors wishing to get their wedding featured?  A lot of blogs tell their vendors that details are key. Some even are as specific as what shots they need. Not us. WS is all about the feel we get when we see a real wedding and if there’s no cake? So what! We love stories of people and find that much more inspiring than anything else. We love it when photographers submit their work to us and there is a variety of shots, emotion in the images, movement and anything that is emotive in the aesthetic. 

Where do you see yourself/WS in 5 years? As we work on our brand and strengthen our story and values, we’re excited to see what comes next for us. With books and worldwide events lined up, we cannot wait to share our secrets with our readers soon! 

Three things you're obsessed with right now? My daughter, Purdy (or more so, clothing for her!). She has a better wardrobe than I do! Travelling - My travel bucket list grows more and more each year but I’m lucky enough to visit some incredible places with workshops every year. Interior design - we’re remodelling our home (slowly) and I’m knee deep in bathroom designs right now! 

Thanks for chatting with us today! If you would like to nominate someone for the creative spotlight, shoot us an email!