How to Stay Creative in a Pinterest-Obsessed World

In a world that is so obsessed with Pinterest and all the same trends, it can be tough to stay creative and continue creating fresh content. Something we teach at The Bloom Workshop is how to stay true to your self and avoid making your work look like everyone else's. I will admit, it's hard to stay on top of staying authentic, especially when something is trending so clearly like gold, blush, and lace dresses, among other things. Here are my tips for staying creative in a Pinterest-obsessed world:

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1. Develop your own creative process. What inspires you? Do it often! Then come back to your desk with new ideas.
- Drink coffee or tea that awakens your senses.
- Take breaks.
- Go out into nature for a walk.
- Make a list of things that fill you with joy or inspire you.
- Listen to classical music.
- Bounce ideas off a friend in another creative field, so you get an outsiders perspective and aren't tempted by comparison.
- Cut out pictures that inspire you from glossy magazines. Yes, those still exist ;)
- Stay educated in your craft. There's always more to learn!

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2. Don't just be a follower. Inspiration is a good thing, but idolizing, comparing and drooling over other's work in your specific field is a disaster in the making. At least it is for us! We try really hard to guard against our temptations to stalk other artists in our exact fields, because it's so easy to quickly fall into the ugly comparison game. Here's what we do instead:
- Find your strengths and work to refine them. Maybe this is newborn photography, kitchen and bath interior design, branding for creative businesses only, etc.
- Look at other creative professionals in different fields for inspiration, being careful not to copy those in YOUR field. I love looking at fashion trends for inspiration in the interior design and decorating world-- what's coming down the runways? What are the current trends in graphic design and photography? Chances are those trends will translate well into your own field and give you inspiration for your next project.
- Instead of sitting behind a screen wishing you could create something beautiful, get out and actually execute!

all photos Ashley Slater Photography

all photos Ashley Slater Photography

3. Mix it up and generate your ideas before searching Pinterest. Pinterest is a great tool, but only after you have dreamed up your own initial ideas.
- Generate your own ideas first (even if they are far-fetched) then look at those sources, like Pinterest or blogs, for project ideas and details other people used, then create something fresh of your own.
- Take old ideas and breathe new life into them. How can you use blush and gold in interiors and make it look like a brand new thing? How can you turn a regular midwest barn wedding on it's head and interpret it differently than anyone else? How can you use color differently than you've seen before? 


Don't be afraid to take risks! With risk comes great reward. Hopefully these tips will help inspire you to stay creative and fight the urge to look like everyone else, while also avoiding comparison. Please share with us how you stay creative in this highly idea-saturated world!