The Importance of Getting Published

Today we're chatting about something important to any creative business-- getting published! Now you might be thinking, is getting published really what everyone hypes it up to be?! We're here to tell you why being published online or in print is a great thing for your business.

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1. It makes you more visible which gets you in front of more potential clients. Exposure turns into leads and leads turn into potential clients! Published photographers can, and often do, charge more for their services.

2. Builds your credibility as a professional. People love to see their photographers' work published. It is a way to vouch for their work, their professionalism and is an unbiased reference. 

3. Potential to build an organic following as the websites will often post about the feature on social media and tag the artists involved. People who follow those blogs are often there for inspiration, searching for their own wedding vendors (or other professionals) and will be attracted to the work you produce. 

4. Being published with links back to your own website improves your SEO. Multiple inbound links on blogs or websites boost your Google page rank. 

5. Typically, if you are being published, you are proud of that work. When work you are proud of gets seen on additional platforms, you will attract your ideal client who loves the work they saw you produce in the feature. 

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Images: Ashley Slater Photography

Images: Ashley Slater Photography

So now we know WHY being published is a good thing for your business, let's help you get there!


1. Credit all vendors in your submission and on social media. Publishers like to see multiple artists coming together.

2. Don't over-edit your images.

3. Know where you want to submit before shooting so you can tailor your styled shoot, wedding, or special project to that publication's needs and style.

4. Post a few sneak peeks to create a hype!

5. When submitting, tell the story and give your inspiration or whatever information and details you can. All published shoots or projects are accompanied by commentary, and if you do the write up yourself, the editors will be so thankful. This also gives them more insight into the shoot & perhaps even a personal connection. 

6. Don't skimp on photos. Publications love detail shots!

7. Read submission guidelines carefully so you submit correctly the first time.

8. If you'd like to be featured on a certain blog or print magazine, consider reaching out to the editors beforehand to ask if they're in need of any specific content, or if the idea you already have would be a good fit for their publication.

9. Don't send hi-res photos-- they will clog the editors' inboxes! Images at 72dpi are great, since they will only be viewed online.

10. Personalize your submission emails. Use the editors' first names, if possible.

BIGGEST EDITOR TURN-OFF: Over-edited images & non-personal submissions.

Hopefully these tips will help you in nailing your next submission! It's always so fun for us to share in successes with our community, so we're excited to see all your beautiful work being shared on a variety of publications!

If you want to learn more about this topic or how to create and execute styled shoots, we'd love for you to join us at our Styled Wedding Shoot: La Petite Bloom this September in Michigan.