Creative Spotlight: Sarah Ingram Photography

sarah ingram photography

Today we are pleased to welcome Sarah Ingram to the Creative Spotlight! We love what Sarah has to say, especially about not letting fear stop your passions and ambitions! We dare you...just try not to swoon over her dreamy images! Sarah is a Georgia Peach and her images drip with romance and the most stunning light! Read on to learn more about Sarah, her photography and her creative journey! 

When did you start your business/blog?  

Business officially began for me in 2012 when I needed a creative outlet outside my career in dentistry. I left the dental world and took my business full time in 2015. It has evolved in many ways since then, but I believe I have found where I am meant to be as both a calligrapher and film photographer!

Where does your passion stem from?

Can I say everywhere? Haha. I can’t really pinpoint it per se, but I think the root of my passion comes from curiosity for learning and discovering new things.  The world is so incredibly diverse  and I want to discover that through human emotion, nature and the phenomena of creativity. As cliche as it may sound, my eyes never really stop searching for beauty which then runs up to my brain and it begins the process of “How do I create from this?”.

If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice what would it be? 

Do not fear the judgement, opinions or success of others.

For years, I let the fear of what others might say or think about my path into a creative career hold me back.  Worrying over stepping on others toes, not being good enough, not having the same journey…I allowed so many irrational worries to stand in my way of truly taking flight. After getting past that, my world opened up. Now I know that everyone deserves to chase their dreams and you won’t get there worrying about everyone else. Sure you might upset some by entering the ring, but just be genuine and honest as you build your business and things will work out! This ties into social media as well. Social media can easily trick you into thinking others “have it made”.  Comparing someone else’s highlights or 10th year in business to your 3rd is not fair to yourself, and their definition of success might also be different than yours! Stay centered and focus on your own business and personal goals, the rest will fall in line.

What is one way you stay inspired outside of your industry/field?

My go to inspiration source is just getting outside. A walk through my local greenway, sitting on the shore at the lake, collecting foliage in my wooded backyard.  It always comes back to nature for me. Textures, smells, colors, movement, space - nature really has it all.

Favorite project AND most challenging project?

My favorite project is probably a very recent one - just me and a few of my favorite girls (also wedding vendors) shooting in coastal georgia in order to celebrate our collective love for minimalism and simplicity. We had soft grey skies and a haunting quiet as we shot on the beach at Jekyll Island. Negative space and soft tones were our main focus, and we got just that. When often times shoots do not come together 100% as envisioned, it was such a treat to receive my film scans and find the images were exactly what we shot for.

As of now, my most challenging project has been creating my own brand! I FULLY value branding specialists, and I recommend hiring one if you can. However, as a creative control freak, paper designer and (semi) Adobe savvy gal I have chosen to take on fabricating my entire brand. Website (new site being built as we speak!), client gifting, business collateral - I have done it all, and it’s also constantly evolving. That being said, I’m considering handing this over to a professional in 2018 ;)

Three favorite things right now:

Ooh this one is fun!

  • Paperback summer reads. I only read when I sit in the pool, so all my books are splashed and wrinkled from pool & lake water which means they gotta be paperback haha.

What I’ve read this summer :  

  - Modern Lovers by Emma Staub

- Everything I never told you by Celeste Ng

-  Where’d you go Bernadette by Maria Semple

  • Close up filters.  Okay this is a forever fave. I love getting up close and personal when shooting, so I use the heck out of these babies.
  • Summer foods! Peaches and corn are so sweet right now, I can’t stop making salads with them.

 Try these :   Grilled peach and apricot salad     Summer grilled corn salad

Thanks for sharing with us Sarah!