Creative Spotlight: Matt Rice Photography


It's Monday which means we are back with a brand new creative spotlight! Today we are chatting with Matt of Matt Rice Photography who is based in Miami but travels anywhere to creative beautiful images. Matt is passionate about his work and it certainly translates (just look at these beautiful photos!) Scroll down to read more and learn his best advice and where he finds his passion!

When did you start your business/blog?

 I started my business a little less than 2 years ago. I fell in love with photography while carrying around a canon rebel on a road-trip through the Southeastern United States where I basically spent my time taking landscape and nature photos. From that point on I did everything i could to pursue photography as a career. I started shooting film at the beginning of 2017 and was immediately hooked so I began migrating my business towards a hybrid-film model. 

Where does your passion stem from?

My passion for taking photographs and the way I approach photography in general stems from two things: 1) my love for documenting honest human connection and 2) my background in biology and love for nature (I graduated college with degrees in biology & chemistry). I always seek out amazing scenery for my shoots whether it be cityscapes or national parks. No matter how beautiful the scene, though, it is never complete for me without the human element. Combining both of these things - environmental context + human connection - is essential to the message I try to convey through my images. Ultimately I aim to create a real sense of place for my viewers, one that they can see themselves in. 

If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice what would it be?

My best advice: while taking photos is central to what we do as photographers, relationships are the most important thing at the end of the day. Focus on building genuine, lasting relationships with other small business owners in your area and your life will be so much more enjoyable. 

What is one way you stay inspired outside of your industry?

Quite simply, I stay inspired by constantly shooting in new locations and playing with the endless ways to use light on - i’m always trying to learn something new from the different places & lighting conditions I find myself in. 


Favorite project AND most challenging project?

My favorite project was a shoot I set-up in Malibu Creek while I was visiting L.A. for a wedding this summer. I got to work with Jenny from Chloe+Mint who was a master with styling and an absolute joy to have on board. My most challenging project was a shoot I set-up on the coast of Washington last fall. We drove 4 hours to the location only to find that a flash flood had formed a mini river which cut us off from where we were trying to hike to. Luckily, the couple I was working with was very adventurous and basically stripped down to protect their formal wear as we all crossed the river to make the shoot happen in the pouring rain. 

Three favorite things right now: 

  • Spending time with my girlfriend, our golden retriever and our 2 cats
  • my Contax645
  • vegan ice cream

Thanks Matt for sharing with us today! Be sure to check out Matt's website and follow him on instagram below!