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Hello friends! We're so glad you're here! You may notice a few changes around here ;) Over the past few months we've been revamping our website so it is a more clear and a more beautiful place to (virtually) land. We hope you love it as much as we do! To bring our vision to life, we worked with the lovely Rachel Green of Intentionally Designed, who we absolutely love. She makes Squarespace sites for creative business owners so beautiful, so if you're in the market for a new online space, you won't regret reaching out to Rachel!


Now you can learn all about our story, how we met and how we decided to launch The Bloom Workshop over here, find out all you need to know about our workshop offerings over here, and then from there choose a city you want to come join us in! You can also view our past workshop galleries here, hear what the lovely ladies who have attended Bloom before have said about their time at a workshop, and contact us right here. We love hearing from you! 

Photos by Shay of  Love, The Nelson's

Photos by Shay of Love, The Nelson's


Well, chances are if you're here, you're thinking of attending a workshop this year. That fact alone gives us a perma-smile! One goal WE had for our business last year was to do something to invest in Bloom, in order to stay educated. Only makes sense for us to stay educated, when you all are trusting us with your business growth! So we took a class on branding and copywriting, which is what initially sparked our website revamp. In the course, we ended up learning far more than we thought we would about branding and digging deep into the depth of the back-end of our business. We cleaned out the clutter and came up with systems to help us stay organized and on top of things behind the scenes. It helped us rewrite our website, in order to (hopefully) more clearly and effectively describe our workshops for all of you. One of the best things it aided us in was how to sprinkle our personalities into our business from behind the screen. 

We also made it a habit to stay educated simply by reading articles on the latest social media algorithms, keep up with stats on blogging, continually refining our own skills in photography and design so we can BEST serve our attendees when they choose to invest in their business with Bloom. Rest assured, we have done the hard work and can't wait to share our knowledge, inspiration (and tons of business facts, too!) with you at a workshop this year. 

So, THAT was our goal last year and we're so glad we can say we stuck to it. What is one of the ways you're going to invest in YOUR business this year? We promise you won't regret it!