How to Nail your Instagram Profile


First impressions are everything. Did you know that crafting your instagram bio is key in attracting followers and gaining sales? It’s true. Maybe you haven't spent very much time on this portion of your account, but it's time that you should!

Maybe you’ve been on the “explore” page of Instagram and found a photo that catches your eye. You click through to view the profile of the poster. Whether you know it or not, what you do next has a lot to do with what you find waiting on the profile!

A good Instagram account will clue the person viewing it in on who you are and what you do. It will also let them know where else they can find you.

A GREAT Instagram profile will also showcase your personality and prompt the viewer to take action. We want someone to visit your profile and say “Whoa, who is this? I love what they do and who they are. I need to be following them!” It's even better if they say "I want to hire them" if you offer services OR "I want to buy from them!" if you have a shop. 

Of course, not every person who visits your space on Instagram will follow you, and that is okay. As a brand, we aren’t aiming to reach every single person—only the RIGHT people. Someone who will potentially turn into a customer or client, become a friend or someone you can network with; that's who we're after.

So how do you make sure you are communicating what you need to, in order to secure loyal followers, friends and potential customers?

1. Make sure your profile picture is of you or your logo. We recommend making your profile photo the same across all your social media platforms, so you are easily findable and recognizable for those searching for you. At Bloom Bash we give every attendee a fresh, new headshot to use for their social media and website. Below are some of our beautiful attendees from Bloom Bash Dallas last fall. 

If you run a company with another person, like the duo we are here at Bloom, we recommend using your logo for your profile picture to create brand recognition.


2. Tell People What They Are Going to See. Photographer. Food Blogger. Mom and wife. These are just some of the descriptors we read in the profiles that help us decide whether we want to follow a profile or not. The words you use to describe who you are and what you do should 100% relay what type of images you share on a regular basis. If you're a baker who also loves to share pictures of your pup and fitness regimen, say it! If you haven't communicated that and someone follows your profile expecting to see beautifully baked goods only to find lots of running tips and dog photos, they may quickly unfollow you. 


3. List Your Location and a Way to Get in Touch. Tell us where you live! We can't stress this one enough and have personally been on the frustrating end of trying to figure out where a potential vendor is located. For service based business, clients will be searching for someone local to them (think photographers, wedding planners, etc.)  Even if you run on an online boutique, it is still great to list what state or region you are in! You never know what opportunities may pass you by simply because your location isn't listed. Once you've added that, make sure there is a way to easily get in touch. Perhaps that means listing your e-mail address directly in your profile, or maybe it is just ensuring you have an active link to your website where contact info may be found.  Link Tree is a great way to list several options for potential followers to find you! 

4. Use Relevant Keywords. While using keywords in your profile won't help your profile show up in search, it can direct potential clients and followers to work you'd like them to see. For example, if you are an event planner and use the same hashtag to showcase your work, include it in your profile as a quick reference for anyone wishing to see more of your work !


5.     Problem & Solution. Touch on a Pain Point and present yourself as the solution.  If you fancy yourself an educator, this would be a great thing to include in your profile. Maybe you are a social media mentor who consistently offers relevant information, courses, etc. Let your audience know what they can expect from you, especially if you can help them with an area in their own life or business! 

6.     Showcase Your Personality. Your instagram profile is the place to give people a glimpse into who you are. Emojis and fun quotes can be a great way to communicate your personality here! 

Bottom line, the most important thing you can do when crafting your instagram profile is to be authentic and communicate what you will be sharing. If you communicate that, you can bet that those who follow you will be doing so for the right reasons and remain loyal followers! 

Do you have any instagram tips for us? Share in the comments below! 

Headshot photos by Ashley Slater, workshop photos by Shalyn Nelson