Client Welcome Guide Photoshop & InDesign Template

Client Welcome Guide Photoshop & InDesign Template

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Right out of the gates you want to present a strong brand and streamlined process for your clients, which is why we have created a template (both in Photoshop + InDesign) for you to create a beautiful and branded New Client Welcome Guide. If you know how to use either of those programs, this template will be a simple process for you make your very own. Just change out the text, colors and logos to reflect your own brand!

This guide is meant to send to new clients as soon as they sign on the dotted line to work with you. In this welcome guide packet, there are places for you to:

  • Welcome and greet your new client, telling them how excited you are to work with them.

  • Tell a little more about yourself to make personal connections with your clients.

  • Give them your social media handles so they can follow along with you!

  • Show them your work through beautiful images.

  • List your prices and packages if you’d rather use this as a packet you send to potential clients before they’ve signed up with you. (Simply delete this page if you don’t need it!)

  • Share reviews from past clients

  • Tell them what to expect when working with you

  • Give them a few FAQ’s if needed

  • List your preferred vendors if you’re in the wedding industry and get asked this question often. Why not include it in this guide for your client!

  • Share your contact information and your office hours

    *This guide is fully customizable, as long as you know Adobe Photoshop or InDesign. You have the option to make it a guide to send to potential clients who haven’t signed with you yet, or a guide to send right after clients sign your contract. Simply edit and delete what you need to in order to make the guide what you want it!

    In this download:

  • Example guide with The Bloom Workshop’s brand

  • Template to create your own Welcome Guide for InDesign

  • Template to create your own Welcome Guide for Photoshop

  • Fonts used in this guide

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