Spring Cleaning for Your Business

Spring Cleaning for Your Business

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We don’t know about you but in our homes, spring cleaning goes something like this: deep clean, declutter, evaluate and purge. We start by removing the excess, things that have piled up over the winter months that need a new home for warmer days. We evaluate what we have that we don’t need and what we don’t have that we do need. And finally, for items that no longer serve a purpose, we purge. These same practices can successfully be implemented in your business, so we created a 3 week workbook for you to learn how to practically and effectively implement these techniques to set yourself and business up for success.

Week One: our guide will walk you through the process of cleaning out your business to make room for the new. New goals, new organization, new systems and new joy. 

Week Two: you'll learn more about our spring cleaning process, get a checklist of ideas for you to update your business with, and have space to reflect on a few questions that will aid you in running your best business.

Week Three: you'll be walked through through how to plan for the future. It includes a checklist to help you plan ahead for your creative business, a few questions to get you really thinking deeper about your business, and an instagram prompt so you can get social with others taking part in the challenge!

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