We love connecting Creatives with helpful resources for their businesses! Check out this page to get all of our favorites in running a smooth, efficient (and legal!) business.

1. The Contract Shop: we use this shop for any and all legal things we may need. They have a template for EVERYTHING! Did you know not including a Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions on your website is illegal? That's right! Well, The Contract Shop has you covered with both of those contracts and way, way more. Simply download the contract template, then customize it by following simple instructions included in the download, slap it on your website and you're golden. The Contract Shop is organized per industry, so for example, if you're a Photographer in need of a contract, click on Photographer on the home page. These contracts are simple to install on your website and you can rest easy that you're complying with the law!

2. Google Docs: We use Google Docs for our editorial calendar and planning docs for all of our workshop events since they are easy to share with multiple people and editable by all who have access to the document. It's been really helpful in running our businesses!

3. Favorite Apps for Editing Photos: VSCO Cam, A Color Story, Afterlight, Filmborn. Read this blog post about how we edit our photos. 

4. Graphic Design Resources: We use Adobe programs such as Photoshop for our graphics, inspiration boards, flyers, etc. You can get a monthly subscription to Adobe Cloud Creatives Suites here, if you don't want to purchase the program.