bloom workshop founders

And just who are we?

Accidental Friends turned Business Partners

It all started in 2012 when Ashley moved to Northern California with her husband, where Michaela currently lived. With nowhere to go on Easter Sunday, Michaela reached out and invited them to church and Easter dinner. We had been avid readers of one another’s blog for a couple years (we always say blogging is like e-harmony for friends) and soon after that meeting, we became fast friends. Michaela was finishing up interior design school and preparing to launch her design business, while Ashley had just launched her photography business.


We shared the woes of startup, being new creative entrepreneurs and juggling our personal lives. Both of our inboxes were flooded on the daily with eager Creatives wanting to know how we started our blogs, grew our social media accounts, and were securing our ideal clients. 


Fast forward to 2014 after we both had a few years of business under our belts and after many more reader emails— we had a light-bulb moment! 

We decided to launch The Bloom Workshop, an in-person event where we could gather to help other creative women in business who were in the same shoes as we were.