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We all know Pinterest. We love it. We hate it. We’re constantly enchanted by the endless scrolling of picturesque content and DIY project outcomes.

But Pinterest is so much more than an idea generator. It’s a community of information-hungry individuals delighted by the one-stop shop for their next outfit, dinner recipe, and bathroom redesign. And this community is much tighter knit than it appears on first glance. I’ve seen new brands emerge on Pinterest that gain a huge following from similar brands welcoming them into the community. I’ve seen bonds formed over similar boards, pins of encouragement direct messaged to followers, and lovely comments shared on original content.

And that’s why Pinterest is one of the most underused and highly beneficial social platforms for content creators – especially when you realize that Pinterest has 100 million active users! So I’ve rounded up a few ways you can use the Pinterest community to grow your brand and gain valuable exposure!

Pin! Pin! Pin!

While this may seem a no-brainer, it’s surprisingly something Pinterest users easily forget. I’ve seen most people get to about the 1K pin mark and then spend the rest of their Pinterest days in a once-a-year pin fest. But if you’re looking to gain and grow a steady following, consistency is key! Most consultants suggest brands should be pinning – or repining – about 20 times every day.

Seem like a lot, right? It is! Creating valuable Pinterest content is a pretty big time commitment. If you’re just starting out on Pinterest, or haven’t been active for a while, jump back into it slowly. Explore the areas that you’re passionate about. Believe me, if you’re inspired by birdhouse making or natural cleaning supplies, you’ll find it on Pinterest and in the meantime discover other people who are passionate about the same things you are! Building those connections through strategic engagement is key.

Pro Tip: Utilize free, online content posting programs like Tailwind, Hootsuite, or Buffer to schedule out your pins so that you can maintain a consistent schedule, even if you’re taking a weekend break!

 Tailor Your Content.

 While most individual users view Pinterest selfishly (nothing wrong with that) and post pins that they’re interested in, as a blogger or brand it’s important to think about your target audience, even while pinning away. Ask yourself, what’s your audience interested in? Which pins are getting traction on your boards? (Pinterest Analytics is genius for breaking this down for you!) Determine what types of content your audience wants to see and don’t be afraid to give it to them!

Pro Tip #1: Don’t forget to upload original content, i.e. blog images, Insta snaps, how to’s, etc. And while you’re at it, be sure to link the pin back to a specific blog post so when someone clicks on the pin it takes them directly to your site. Voila! A new reader!

And while you’re pinning specific, valuable content to your boards, following a few steps to get your pins discovered will only help!

1.     Create specific boards with highly searchable names. Much like Google and search engine optimization, Pinterest aggregates pin data and shows the top results when someone searches for a topic or info on Pinterest. If your board hits a particular keyword search it’ll come up.

2.     Add pin descriptions. Again, make them specific, relevant, and include the name of your brand! Constant exposure and familiarity is key. 

3.     It’s not Instagram, but hashtags can be useful. Most people suggest using original, branded hashtags on your pins because hashtags are clickable inside of descriptions and can take your users to similarly hash-tagged pins.

Pro Tip #2: To create an engaging, added-value pin use free, online tools like Canva. With a user-friendly design and loads of free templates, it will save you time and a headache or two!

 Spend a Little. Get a Lot.

One of the things I love about Pinterest is their organic advertising platform. I don’t know about you, but I click on ‘promoted pins’ without even thinking about it! Because promoted pins – pins that have been paid for by brands to show up on your feed – are designed to look just like a regular pin and are often very specifically targeted for users, users are much less likely to get annoyed by your paid-for content.

And another great thing for content creators, the Pinterest advertising platform is so easy to use! If you’re worried about spending a crazy amount of money on accident – something I was nervous about – I’m here to tell you it’s almost impossible! While setting up your ad campaign, you choose the type of campaign you want to run: Awareness, Engagement, Traffic, and then Pinterest will walk you through the rest of the steps. It’s user friendly and very intuitive.

I’ve tried this personally and have seen so much traffic driven to my own blog. To make the campaign a little more targeted I set up it up around a specific theme and then promoted just one pin to a targeted audience. Within a few hours I maxed out my budget – a good thing! – and found a significant increase in followers and readers.

Pro Tip: Set an initial, total budget of $20-$25 for a two-day time period. You’re almost guaranteed to max that budget out and then you can decide if it’s worth it to increase the budget and keep showing the pin to more interested users.

So that’s Pinterest for bloggers and branders in a very small nutshell. Of course there’s loads of additional strategies and best practice tips out there, but remember not to loose sight of your passion in the midst of it all!

Happy Pinning! 

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