3 Tips for Better iPhone Images of Your Products

We're thrilled to have one of our past Bloom attendees here today giving you some of her best tips for phone photography, and boy are they great! Brit joined us for Bloom Bash Seattle back in 2015 and we are just so proud of her for where she is now, what she's doing in her business, and mostly, just the genuine, kind, and super talented person she is.

It’s no secret that having beautiful photos is a great way to quickly elevate your brand online, but what if you were able to take the photos yourself - with your smartphone?! Even if you hire a professional (which I always encourage), it’s important to be able to take daily photos for your business to post on platforms like Instagram.  Imagine this - you’ve just gotten new brand and product photos taken when a new product or item arrives on your doorstep. You want to include it in your social content, but you need a great photo of it. Have no fear! These are my 3 Tips for Taking Better iPhone Images of Your Products.

1. Use Light to Your Advantage

This is a common mistake among creatives. They post an otherwise gorgeous image of a scene or set up, but it’s taken at night with artificial lights on overhead. This blah lighting creates yellow casts and unflattering shadows. The solution? Vow to only use natural light. This can be light provided by windows or large, sliding glass doors. The bigger the light source, the better!

how to take better iphone pictures

Set up your scene or backdrop near the light source (like above!), but be sure to avoid sun spots and places with color casts reflecting off light red furniture or green wallpaper. Light the scene from the side by styling your products parallel to the window or light source. Then take the shots!

Need a backdrop? Check out my DIY Styling Board tutorial here

2. Humanize the Scene

humanize the photo

The best way to get a potential customer to image him or herself using your product is to have them placed in the image. This means taking a bite out the pizza slice, adding cookie crumbs to the plate, incorporating hands that are picking up a coffee mug, or strategically including handwriting to a blank notebook. Humanize your product scene with elements that bring the image to life!

3. Edit Your Images Cohesively

editing instagram photos

Finally, don’t over edit your images. If you utilized great light, the image shouldn’t need much. Use an app like ColorStory or VSCOCam to boost contrast, slightly sharpen or straighten, and correct the white balance or exposure. Make sure to apply the same editing style to all of your images to create that cohesive Instagram feed.


Do you want more tips for taking better photos with your phone? Download my free Cohesive iPhoneography Worksheet here.

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Brit is a brand strategist & photographer living and working in Lancaster, PA. She’s a past Bloom Bash attendee, and loves helping creatives look more legit online. 

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