Frequently Asked Questions



I bought my ticket for a workshop! Will you help me find hotel and travel accommodations since I'm coming in from out of town? 
Absolutely! We always send hotel recommendations to attendees coming out of town. This information is listed on the individual workshop pages. We always have hotel blocks at discounted rates for our guests!

What does the ticket price include for each of the three workshops?
La Petite Bloom: The ticket price includes your materials for the day. The ticket price also includes your food, drinks, professional headshots, and the guest teachers' knowledge and time.

Bloom Bash: Our two-day Bloom Bash event ticket price includes breakfast and lunch for both days of the event, a drool-worthy swag bag, surprise gifts, the knowledge and teaching of all of our guest speakers and expert panelists, teaching material, our curriculum notebook, the experience of photographing a gorgeous editorial styled shoot, floral arranging class materials, brush calligraphy materials, headshots and more.

What should I bring to La Petite Bloom?
All you need to bring is a notebook and pen, your DSLR camera (if you have one—this is not required), your iPhone (hey, we like to Instagram!), floral shears if we are learning to arrange flowers, and a creative spirit.

What should I bring to Bloom Bash?
Most everything will be provided, but be sure to bring your DSLR camera if you have one, a favorite notebook if you'd like (but we do provide a workshop notebook with basic notes and workshop information), floral shears, and business cards to exchange with new friends. If you would like camera recommendations please e-mail us for some suggestions! Please check the weather and dress appropriately, especially for outdoor venues (a light jacket is always a good idea)!

Are you bringing Bloom to different cities next year? I don't live near any of the workshop cities in 2017!
We hope to travel to different cities in 2018, yes. However, for now, we are not adding any workshop dates to our 2017 schedule. 

I'm a blogger-- I've been blogging for about a year-- but I feel like I'm not standing out and making a mark in the blog world. Is this workshop for me?
The Bloom Workshop was created just for you! We will dive into the How’s and Why’s of blogging, tell you what has worked (and what hasn’t) for us as bloggers, and give you tips and tricks to stand out in this blog world. We also talk in depth about social media and how it has helped be the number one source in growing blogs and businesses.

bloom workshop

I want to become a photographer but don't feel comfortable with my camera yet. Would Bloom be a good starting point for me? What type of photography tips will we learn in the workshop?
Bloom is great for beginners and experts alike! Ashley will teach the basics of shooting in all modes of your camera, including manual mode. For experts, this is a great refresher. We will have several experts who will be able to work one on one with you during the styled portion, so you can make the most out of the equipment you have!

If you're just starting out and really want to focus on the photography side of things, we recommend attending our half day workshop in Grand Rapids, MI workshop called La Petite: The Styled Wedding Shoot. You'll learn photography tips, design and styling tricks, and get 2 hours to shoot three different wedding shoots. With all that practice, you'll be a pro in no time!

I've been a photographer for a couple of years now, so my skills are a bit more advanced. Is Bloom still a good option for me, or will I be bored?
There truly is always something new to learn, so even experts will come away with a fantastic refresher and great knowledge. Everyone works with their equipment differently, and beyond the basics of photography, Ashley will share her tricks of the trade. Everything from how she chooses a portrait location, to her exact thought process as she frames and composes a shot. This is a great opportunity to try something new and stretch your skills during our styled shoot portion of the day.

I want to become an interior designer. What do we cover in Bloom that will help me achieve this goal?
At Bloom Bash, we cover the elements and principals of design; both very important foundational topics you will need to understand before diving into design of any kind-- be it floral design, event design, graphic design or interiors. Next, you will learn about the world of styling, with Michaela’s best accessorizing and styling tricks. We will touch on the best places to source furniture, accessories and textiles for your clients, as well as how to stay creative and unique in this Pinterest-saturated world. You'll learn about balance and the rule of thirds in our hands-on session detailing the art of flat-lay styling. Finally, we will walk through why styled photos are so important, and just how to go about executing them. 

I want to come to Bloom, but I'm nervous to come alone. Do you think I will meet people there?!
Definitely! One of our main missions of Bloom is to engage creative people with authentic community. There’s no doubt you will meet people from the moment you step foot into our workshops. All of our past attendees can vouch for us when we say everyone leaves with at least a few new friends. Many of alumni stay in touch and collaborate on projects, shoots, and real events together! (See an example here-- we are so proud of our past attendees!) We also do our best to stay in touch with all of the past guest’s on Facebook in a group we have created for Bloom alumni. This has become a fun place to share creative ideas with each other, ask for opinions, etc. Our favorite part about Bloom is getting to know each and every guest!    

Why is it important to learn about how a photo shoot is run?
Regardless of what industry you are affiliated with, learning the back end of a styled shoot is essential for so many reasons. As a vendor, you want to be as efficient as you can in all aspects and form excellent working relationships with fellow vendors. As a stylist, you will learn essential skills so you can begin creating these types of shoots on your own.  For photographers, it is of the utmost importance to know the process from beginning to end to expedite workflow and create the most beautiful images possible! You can learn about styled shoots and all the necessary skills and information needed to run them at any Bloom Bash event and our La Petite: The Styled Wedding Shoot.

I feel like I'm just not getting where I want to be with my blog and social media. I could use a push in the right direction in these areas. What type of sessions and topics do you cover in those two areas?
When it comes to social media and the internet, we've got you covered! It's a jungle of confusion when it comes to the why's and how's, and it seems like social media platforms are changing on the daily! At Bloom Bash, we will spend a session talking all things blogging: for the beginner this is an amazing opportunity to avoid all the mistakes that we made over the years, for seasoned bloggers we will give you new strategies and techniques to build your readership and expand your reach. We then dedicate another session solely to social media. We will cover instagram, facebook, pinterest, twitter, and periscope so you can maximize your potential on these platforms.

Do you offer online workshops for those who are out of the area?
At this time, we do not offer online recordings of our workshops. We truly feel so passionate about the experience that comes with our workshops. We would hate for someone to miss out on the hands-on, creative and beauty-filled day. As creative gals ourselves, we feel like there is so much value in physically coming to Bloom, meeting new friends in the same place as you, learning in person, being able to ask questions, and working through photography and design in a non-threatening, comfortable, fun and hands-on environment during our styled photo shoot. 

Do you offer payment plans?
We do! We want our events to be affordable for everyone who wants to attend. You can find the payment plans on the Event Brite page that coordinates with the workshops. Hover over our Registration tab at the top of our website to reveal the drop down menu of available workshops. Click on the city you're interested in, then click on the "register" button to be directed to the Event Brite registration page. 

Can I get a refund on my ticket?
Unfortunately, because we begin ordering materials and securing beautiful details and gifts for our attendees, we are not able to offer refunds. Please email for information and concerns.