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Sweet Reviews

"Hands down BEST WORKSHOP I've attended to date! What drew me in? The Bloom Workshop's business marketing and branding is on point. Because that caught my attention, I knew I could learn a thing or two about running a successful business myself. Second, was the variety of information we would receive over the two days. The workshop was jam packed with over the top talent and topics that I was beyond excited to explore. From blogging to floral arranging and everything in between. And lastly, meeting so many like minded women who respect community over competition was a key component. It's safe to say my business will grow and I certainly thank Bloom in part for that. If you're on the fence - don't be. Attend this workshop!" - Lauren Watson, The Lion House.

"I am so energized after the Bloom Bash San Clemente!! Michaela and Ashely have created an amazing experience with The Bloom Workshop. It covers creative entrepreneurs as a whole from styling to photography, florals, and calligraphy. Their panel of experts are just that; tried and true experts that tell you the nitty gritty of this #bossbabe world. The real deal--no sugar-coating. 

The best part however was the relationships you build with like-minded people and fellow creatives. You leave prepared, inspired and propelled to grow your passion to the next level. I highly recommend this workshop, plus...Ashley and Michaela are the most genuine and kind people out there. Thank you, thank you, x1000 thank you!" - Cynthia Beahm, C.B. Escribe.

"I flew 3104 miles to attend the San Clemente workshop and couldn't be happier with this investment! As a photographer, what I thought would be my main interest (the styled shoot) turned out to be of equal stature with every other aspect of the workshop. Every creative detail, every thoughtful gift, every word shared by fellow creatives, impacted me immensely. Having been in the photography business for 10 years, this was exactly what I needed to breathe some fresh air into my strategic direction. Thanks to the amazing girls of The Bloom Workshop!" - Ilyana Picans, Ilysiam Inc.

"Before attending Bloom, I knew I had a desire to be a creative business owner but had no idea how to get started. After learning some very practical tips and putting that knowledge to use, I feel more confident in turning my passions into a business. I am happy to say that I will be launching my website and online journal in the next several months!"  - Lindsay Jensen

"When I initially signed up to attend Bloom, I didn't really know what to expect. All I knew was that I needed a little jumpstart to my business, some inspiration, and some encouragement from talented women who were likeminded. I was drawn to Ashley & Michaela's styles, and so I thought I'd give it a shot. I couldn't have made a better choice! Planning and designing events had aways been a fun "on-the-side" gig for me, but when I decided to make it a full-time job, I definitely felt like I needed some direction in how to make that happen. Attending Bloom gave me practical tools to organize all my ideas and hopes for this business and turn them into goals to make them come true. I walked away with greater knowledge in how to approach my social media platforms, my brand, my website, my style, and how to really showcase my work and my personality through them. I feel excited to re-brand and re-launch my business with a renewed passion for what I do. Thank you Bloom for helping me succeed in doing what I love!" - Ali Miller

"Attending Bloom was easily one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself, both personally and for my new business.  I gained so much from this workshop and it easily exceeded all of my expectations.  I learned how to make my business better from the inside out, received so much practical advice and implementation tips from Michaela and Ashley and met so many other likeminded women in creative fields from my area.  This workshop gave me the confidence and reassurance that I made the right decision in starting a business, and that I'm fully capable of running a business.  Michaela and Ashley are so wonderful to talk to, so easy to connect with and so supportive- they have so much useful knowledge and business know-how; there is so much to gain by attending this workshop and it has truly been life changing with the relationships I've emerged with.  I could not recommend Bloom enough to anyone looking to learn a little more about the creative industry, connect with other individuals who know your struggle, deepen your understanding of your business and anyone looking for an amazing day filled with tons of encouragement and education."Morgan Miller