Reshaping Twitter's Perception & How YOU Can Use It

how to use twitter for business

Twitter is one of those social channels that feels like it’s been around since the birth of the internet. But somehow, Twitter also feels like an afterthought. I post on Instagram, I post on my Facebook page, I check out Snapchat, and then "oh yeah, Twitter!" 

I think this is primarily because Twitter doesn’t really have a niche. The other big social media players all have their specialities, but Twitter is more of a general platform by choice. You can find everything from news to myths to recipes to rants with just a scroll or two, all within the course of 10-15 seconds, thanks to the strictly imposed character limit. 

But that’s part of the beauty of Twitter. The general interest leads to further interests in the form of link clicks and retweets and discussions. So how does a blogger or a small business use the general Twitter platform effectively?

Use It To Disseminate Information

Looking to get the word out about your blog? Wanting to showcase a new product from your shop? Use Twitter to get the word out! Because Twitter is always changing, and it’s so easy to constantly consume new information, no one gets offended if you post about the same thing three times in one day. Of course make sure your angle is a little different, but chances are the third time you post something you’ll have a whole new audience reading your content. 

Run a Low Budget Ad Campaign

Promoted Tweets are a genius way to get your content (including your website link) in front of a targeted group of people. Just like with other social ad campaign platforms, you can either pay per click or pay for impression depending on your goals. 

Just start with a $20 campaign. Let that be a gauge as to how many clicks or impressions you get and how much more you could have gained with $40. It’s easy to throw money away on digital advertising, but if you have a specific goal or a certain ROI you’d like to see from the campaign, limit your dollar spend and learn from the outcomes of your efforts. 

Link to Your Blog

If you’re not linking to your blog or your businesses’ website then you won’t really be able to measure your Twitter profile’s success. Add a link to your website in your Twitter bio and then when you tweet, include a link to your latest post or product page. Hop on over to Google Analytics and check out your social traffic to actually see how many people are actually coming from your Twitter profile to your website. 

To find out that data in your Analytics profile go to Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels > Social to find out your Twitter traffic. 

Side note: If you don’t have Analytics hooked up to your blog or your website stop reading right now and go set it up! It takes about 5 minutes and will probably be the single most valuable task you do for your website! If you don’t know where to start check out this article by Wix for some helpful advice.

Hook It Up with Instagram

Not only does this feature keep your brand consistent, but it also generates content for your Twitter feed and promotes your Instagram channel. It’s really just a click of a button, but anytime you can cross promote jump at the opportunity! 

Here Are Some Helpful Tips for Twitter Users

1.    Tweet a lot 

The more you can tweet the better! Social media has a very ‘out of sight, out of mind’ philosophy attached to it. Get people used to seeing your high quality tweets! 

2.    Use a photo with every post

Of course there are exceptions, but as a general rule add a photo your tweet. It will attract people’s attention a lot more than just text. 
3.    Follow along with your analytics

I know I just mentioned this, but it’s worth repeating. Jump into analytics and find out how valuable your social accounts actually are! It’ll help you when you’re pitching ideas to brands too. 

4.    Include a call to action on relevant posts

Humanity is a pretty lazy bunch. ;) Adding a call to action will encourage people to do more than just read your characters. Encourage them to “explore”, “discover”, “learn more”. Good thing about humanity though is that we’re also very curious! 
5.    Have a good bio, profile and header photo to reflect your brand

Brand consistency is huge when it comes to your social channels. Your social profiles reflect your brand so you should keep them consistent. Adding a bio to your profile helps people find out who you are and tells them why they should follow you on first glance. A profile and header photo is just a no brainer! Don’t be the person with the egg avatar on your Twitter profile! 

Twitter is a pretty big traffic driver to websites, no matter the content, and its users are an active and supportive community. Don’t be afraid to jump in with both feet and see where the platform takes you! 


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Emily is a content marketer from 8-5 and a lifestyle and fashion blogger from 5-8. Her first passion is writing and she loves sharing her knowledge with people who are passionate about what they’re doing. A resident of the trendy Southern city, Greenville, SC, Emily can often be found in local coffee shops with a warm chai latte and a new blog post brewing. You can follow along with Emily on her blog, Some Pretty Thing or her Instagram