Basic Shot List Guide

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shot list pic.jpg

Basic Shot List Guide


Learning to envision your photos before you ever even press the shutter, is something that comes with time and experience, and there is no shortcut for achieving this level of expertise and shooting at ease. As an artist who is looking to refine their styling eye, intentionally look for details that will play a part in telling the story of the event or session. Then you will start to develop the second nature of photographing that only comes with
immense practice. 

This quick guide will help keep you on track and begin to steer you in a direction to start developing your own style, point of view and artistic voice. We have included several basic "must-have" shots-- shooting these basic images will give you enough to blog, submit to publications and ensure a happy client, all while avoiding the pit-in-your-stomach feeling you get when you realize you forgot to take a few key images! 

This 6 page pdf guide includes:

  • Our must-have images to capture at a wedding or photo shoot.
  • Beautiful photos, serving as examples.
  • A page filled with helpful tips and pointers to remember when on a shoot.
  • A printable checklist with your must-have shots, complete with a checkbox by each line to ensure your organized heart is happy.

While a wonderful tool for photographers, this is also a helpful guide for stylists, because you can be one step ahead of the game, styling the next shot for your photographer. It's a team effort!

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