Creative Spotlight: Just Bakecause

Today we are welcoming Amanda of Just Bakecause to chat a little about her business! Amanda is an insanely talented baker and food artist in the Bay Area. She recently provided gorgeous cakes for our workshop in Carmel, California and we loved meeting her in person-- she is so kind and genuine! Read below to learn more about Amanda and her business! 

just bakecause

When did you start your business/blog?

I started baking as a side business my freshman year of college, but didn't go full time until around September of 2016.

Where does your passion stem from?

I've been blessed to be apart of a family where everyone cooks really well, and I have grown to appreciate the power food has in connecting different generations and cultures together.  Baking allows me to express my love to others.  Some of our best memories involve food in some way, and I love that my creations can be apart of these celebrations.  

If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice what would it be? (business, social media, etc.)

I would tell myself that I am capable, worthy, and have a unique story to tell.  I am someone who used to live in fear and let it overtake my life.  It took me about 3 years to actually make the leap of faith to go full time with my business.  I feared that I knew nothing, I could not compete with others in my industry, and that I was too ordinary.  These words that I spoke to myself were so detrimental though, and I learned that it didn't matter if people around me believed in me, I had to believe in myself and know that I had something special and unique to offer to my community.

What is one way you stay inspired outside of your industry/field?

One way I stay inspired is by traveling with my friends and family and exploring new places to eat and relax!

Favorite project AND most challenging project?

I would have to say my favorite and most challenging project hasn't actually happened yet, because I have a feeling it will be making my own wedding cake this coming December!

What is one trend you'd like to see go away? And what is one upcoming trend you are excited about?

There isn't necessarily a trend I'd like to see go away - but I do think that we can all put our own twists and make a trend our own to "recreate" it in a sense! One recent example of this is when I recreated a smash cake for my friend's daughter's birthday. Instead of doing a traditional small cake, I did a tower of glazed cream puffs and splattered it with gold and edible flowers.

One trend that I've been enjoying lately is seeing pops of bold colors everywhere!

Three favorite things:

1. The E-Myth by Michael Gerber 2. Edible Gold Leaf 3. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Thanks for chatting with us today Amanda!